About CID Management

In 2015, Genex Services the nation’s largest provider of workers’ compensation clinical services, announced its acquisition of Comprehensive Industrial Disability Management Services Inc. (CID).

At Comprehensive Industrial Disability Management (CID) we offer a complete strategy to manage our client’s workers’ compensation objectives. Our solutions focus on three central points to ensure superior results: People, Technology, and Process. CID maximizes efficiency and quality of service while minimizing time and costs. As a result, CID Management provides best practice resolutions and successful positive outcomes.

A History of Leadership

Today, CID continues to flourish by keeping in touch with its customers’ needs and staying abreast of technological advances. Throughout our history, we have evolved into a URAC accredited national competitor delivering utilization management tools and solutions. While our customers’ industries vary, they share a common need to provide improved healthcare delivery within a cost controlled model.

At CID our cost containment tools will surely improve the effectiveness of utilization management and the care of your injured workers.

What is URAC?

URAC provides a symbol of excellence for organizations to validate their commitment to quality and accountability.

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Privacy Policy


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Grievance Process


The CID grievance process addresses all formal complaints regarding non-clinical and non-determination-related CID processes or services.

CID Grievance Process