Careers: Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CID clinical reviewer!

It has been our experience that physicians who experience enjoyment and success as clinical reviewers share many similar characteristics. In our effort to determine if you would be suited as a clinical reviewer, we’ve created a list of characteristics which have traditionally been associated with good or poor fits for this position. We encourage you to review the descriptions and honestly assess whether or not you would enjoy this type of work.

Doctors who find that doing clinical reviews is a good fit for them demonstrate:

  • Good language and computer skills;
  • Solid clinical judgment;
  • The ability to self-teach;
  • A preference for a solo work environment;
  • A precise attention to detail;
  • Confidence in solo decision making;
  • Comfort with minimal feedback;
  • A dedication to on-going learning (e.g. attending extra continuing education,
  • researching, reading blogs, etc.).

Doctors who find that doing clinical reviews is a poor fit for them demonstrate:

  • Challenged with language and/or computer skills;
  • Weak clinical judgment;
  • A structured educational program for learning new information;
  • A preference for a group work environment;
  • A preference for a global view of a topic rather than detail;
  • Uncertain in solo decision making;
  • A need for ongoing feedback and positive reinforcement;
  • Minimal time spent in on-going learning (e.g. attending a bare minimum of continuing education,
  • no reading of blogs, etc.).

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