Utilization Management By Design


What is it?

Utilization Management By Design is a comprehensive utilization review, peer review and physician case management program that offers clients the ability to choose exactly the services that are right for them.

Why do I need it?

If you want better medical cost control, risk mitigation and customer service than your current program provides, Utilization Management By Design is for you.

How does it work?

Utilization Management By Design is a program built with your demands in mind. Whether it’s our industry-leading technology, top-level peer review or a complete program overhaul, we can create a program that meets your exact specifications.

The Clinical Experience Powered By CID Management

The industry’s most reliable and sophisticated cost control program.
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Utilization Management By Design is Sophisticated, Customizable and Guaranteed.

Sophisticated Technology
  • CID Management has always been at the forefront of smart technology, integrating software, hardware and web-based programs to increase client satisfaction.
Customizable Technology
  • Our programs are designed to match the specific needs of your organization. That flexibility allows you to control costs and pay only for the services you want.
Guaranteed Technology
  • As the industry leader we are so confident in our ability to provide superior technology and service, we guarantee it 100%.

Getting Help When You Need It

Save Time, Save Money.
  • Utilization Management By Design streamlines the entire UM process, making it easy to control medical costs and reduce your appeals rate to less than 1%.
Customization On Demand
  • Our program is designed to meet your needs. Choose individual services or a complete system upgrade and only pay for what you want.
Industry Professionals
  • Our employees have the right experience, providing you with expert services so you can rest assured you’re getting the best help in the business.