Physician Conversations


What is it?

With Physician Conversations, a quick dialogue between peers can get the claims process moving again.

Why do I need it?

If you’re frustrated with tug-of-wars between claims adjusters and physicians that bring everything to a standstill, Physician Conversations are a common-sense solution.

How does it work?

Email to start a conversation. 
Physician Conversations allow adjusters to discuss their case with a qualified doctor who then speaks with the treating physician. Sometimes a quick conversation between peers is all it takes to get the process moving.

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Physician Conversations are Sensible, Fair and Easy.

Sensible Solutions
  • Instead of arguments, Physician Conversations clear the air and allow for a mutually agreed upon treatment plan for the patient.
Fair Solutions
  • Physician Conversations let each side make their case on a level playing field, without frustration or intimidation.
Easy Solutions
  • Once an agreement is reached, the adjuster receives a complete report of the discussion as well as the revised course of medical care.

Getting Help When You Need It

Save Time, Save Money.
  • Physician Conversations break the stalemate that keeps claims in limbo and helps you move on to your next case.
Advocates On Demand
  • Our service is available on a claim-by-claim basis, whenever you need it. You pay only when you use it.
Medical Professionals
  • Our physicians have the right experience, providing you with expert knowledge so you can rest assured you’re getting the best help in the business.